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Most jukebox owners subscribe to one or more jukebox periodicals, finding them an invaluable source for parts, records, advice and new additions to their collection. They also usually end up purchasing various books on the subject ranging from identification guides to the general history of jukeboxes.

For the individual considering purchasing a jukebox (via the classifieds or an another source), I strongly suggest subscribing to a Jukebox periodical. It will more than likely save you from paying too much, and will likely be required after your purchase, once you discover the need for records, parts, etc. The following are a listing of major periodicals and books on Jukeboxes. An "editorial" comment has be included which is solely my opionion.

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Jukebox Books

  • USA Based
  • Always Jukin'
  • Jukebox Collector
  • Coin-Drop International
  • Game Room
  • Antique Amusement, Slot Machine & Jukebox Gazette
  • Non-USA Based
  • Jukebox News (UK)
  • De Jukebox Fanaat (Netherlands)
  • Jukebox FanZine (Belgium)
  • Juke-Joint (Germany)
  • The Jukin 50's (Germany)
  • Jukebox Reference Books

  • Identification/Reference Guides
  • The Jukebox Bluebook
  • The Ultimate Jukebox Guide
  • Always Jukin' Official Guide to Collectible Jukeboxes
  • Jukebox Heaven
  • AMR Guides: Rowe/AMI, Rock-Ola, Seeburg, Wurlitzer, Other
  • Dr. Know it All's Reference Books: Seeburg, Rockola, Wurlitzer
  • The Complete Identification Guide to the Wurlitzer Jukebox
  • Jukebox History Books
  • Jukebox Saturday Night
  • Vintage Jukeboxes - The Hall of Fame
  • "Coffee-Table" Books
  • Jukebox Art
  • Jukebox - The Golden Age
  • The American Jukebox - The Classic Years
  • Other
  • The Jukebox and Me
  • Homer E. Capehart - A Senator's Life
  • Jukebox Periodicals

    Editorial Comment:
    Most jukebox collectors (USA Based) subscribe to either Always Jukin' or Jukebox Collector ... many subscribe to BOTH. Since I am "US Based" I do not subscribe to the European Publications, so I cannot provide comments on them.

    Always Jukin'
    Published monthly in a newspaper (11" x 17") format. A jukebox publication that features pictures, stories, show reports, new products, technical tips, coming events, want ads, hundreds of jukeboxes for sale, parts ads, services ads, record ads and numerous display advertisements.Subscribers in 25 countries. Yearly subscription $36 USD, Foreign Subscriptions and First Class/Airmail Postage is Available at a higher rate. They Take VISA and Mastercard for Payment.
    Address: Always Jukin', 1952 1st Ave S. #6, Seattle, Washington, 98134-1406, USA
    Publisher: Mike Baute Phone: (206) 652-4005 FAX: (206) 652-4007
    Website: Always Jukin EMAIL:

    Jukebox Collector
    Jukebox Collector
    A Monthly Magazine Style publication (8.5" x 11") which usually has a gloss, color cover. A jukebox magazine that includes feature articles, a recent Market Summary (listed prices of Jukeboxes over last few months), Display ads for shows, parts, services, records, Classified Want and For Sale Ads for Jukeboxes etc and sells books, manuals and miscellaneous Jukebox related items. . Yearly Subscription is approximately 30+ USD and Foreign Subscriptions available. Payment by Check, VISA and Mastercard.
    Address: 2545 S.E. 60th Court, Des Moines, Indiana, 50317, USA
    Publisher: Rick Botts Phone: USA (515) 265-8324 FAX: (515) 265-1980 EMAIL

    Coin Drop International
    Coin DropA newspaper style publication, published 6 times a year which covers coin-operated machine collections. Its primary focus is slot machines, though pinballs, jukeboxes and other arcade machines are featured. Most display ads are for slot machines and parts, but has many display ads for upcoming shows (which always feature jukeboxes). The yearly subscription is approximately 16 USD and foreign orders are available. Payment is accepted by check, money order, VISA and Mastercard.
    Address: 5815 West 52nd Ave, Denver, Colorado, 80212, USA
    Publisher: Rosanna Harris
    Phone: (303) 431-9266 FAX (303) 431-6978

    Game RoomA monthly magazine that covers the field of Pinballs, Jukeboxes, Slot Machines, Soda Machines, Arcade, Classic Arcade, Video and in General ... the Coin-Op collecting hobby. The yearly subscription is 30 USD and foreign subscriptions are available. For faster delivery, the magazine can be sent by First Class, Priority or Express Mail for an additional charge. Payment by check, money order, or VISA, Mastercard or American Express.
    Address: PO Box 41, Keyport, New Jersey, 07735-0041, USA
    Phone: (732) 739-1955 FAX (732) 739-2834 EMAIL

    Antique Amusement, Slot Machine & Jukebox Gazette
    A semi-annual newspaper for jukebox, slot machine and gameroom enthusiasts.
    Contains articles, color photos, and advertisements. Subscription: $15
    a year. Sample $10. You will find this at all the big USA shows, lots of advertisements of upcoming coin-op shows.
    Publisher: Ken Durham
    Address: GameRoomAntiques 909 26 Street NW, Washington DC 20037 USA.

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    Jukebox News (UK)
    A UK Based Newsletter issued 11 times a year (Sept/Oct Issue in end-Sept). Features the "Juke Nurse with the Hot Tips", What's On and Where, Jukin' Basics, For Sale & Wanted Ads and Subscriber Specials. Subscription Rates are 12 UKPD per Year in UK, 16 UKPD in Europe and 18 UKPD Outside of Europe. Address: The Jukebox Man, Unit 19 Monks Way, Lincoln LN2 5LN, England. Phone: 01522 513083, FAX: 01522 560167 or EMAIL: Geoff Young

    De Jukebox Fanaat (Netherlands)
    De Jukebox FanaatThe official publication of the Dutch Jukebox club which has over 7000 members. The publication is issued eight times a year and contains articles on exhibitions, technical information and "classifieds" which are free to members. Address: Frits & Ernst Aalders, Eikenburglaan2, 5248 BK Rosmalen, Netherlands. Phone: 31-073-521 3394 or FAX: 31-073-521 2322 for further information. Don't forget to check your phonebook for the proper international dialing codes.

    Jukebox FanZine (Belgium)
    A Belgian Jukebox publication which also features some other coin-ops. EMAIL for further information.

    Juke-Joint (Germany)The Juke Joint
    The club publication of the German Juke-Joint, which has about 500 members. The Publication is issued 4 times a year, contains articles on exhibitions, technical tips and general information on jukeboxes. Address: Bernhard Vaillant, Buschkrugallee 32, D-12359, Berlin, Germany Phone 49-30-684-4567. Homepage, EMAIL Don't forget to check your phonebook for the proper international dialing codes.

    The Jukin 50's (Germany)
    Another German Jukebox publication, contact Burkhard Peetz at FAX 02381 540 250. Don't forget to check your phonebook for the proper international dialing codes.

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    Jukebox Reference Books
    The following are a listing and description of Jukebox related books. All of them I have in my personal collection, but they represent most (90%) that have been published. Not all of the books are still in print, but generally can still be found via Major jukebox publications or Internet Vendors.

    Identification Guides
    This "class" of books is perhaps the most valuable and frequently purchased. They focus on providing pictures and information on the various jukebox produced. Although you may think purchasing more than one identification guide is redundant, none of the guides are all inclusive. I will attempt to highlight the differences in the comments.

    The Jukebox Bluebook
    This softcover compact (4 1/2" x 9") guide is perfect for taking to shows and when searching for jukeboxes. The 2nd Edition was published in 1993, Edited by Ben C. Humphries and has 130 pages, all pictures are black and white. This guide covers most USA jukebox models from all manufacturers from the 1930's-60's. In addition to photos of the jukebox, the model/name is included along with the year of manufacture, number of selections and the record speed. Many items of remote equipment (wallboxes, speakers) are also pictured. A small technical section shows the Amp, Stepper and Cabinet key models for each major model. A general jukebox history is included along with specific histories for each manufacturer. A price guide and information of grading jukebox condition is included. The author of this website provided the jukebox production figures.

    The Ultimate Jukebox Guide
    Ultimate JukeboxThis softcover full-size guide (8.25" x 11.75") was published in the UK in 1994, contains 138 pages and was authored by Ian Brown, Nigel Hutchins and Gerry Mizera. Similar to the Jukebox Bluebook, it has black and white pictures of most Jukeboxes along with basic specifications, though does not cover remote equipment. It differs in that it covers the time period from 1927-1974 AND includes jukeboxes manufactured in Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Switzerland and the UK, as well as those from the USA. An extensive section on Jukebox Serial numbers and production figures are included, by the author of this website.

    Always Jukin' Official Guide to Collectible Jukeboxes
    AJ GuideThis softcover full-size guide (8.5" x 11") was published by Always Jukin' (Mike Baute) and the 128 pages covers the same basic information as the "Bluebook" and "Ultimate Guide" (e.g. Pictures, basic specs, year). Its difference lies in its editorial slant. The introductions to each manufacture talk about the changes in the machines, and how it effects collectibility. There are also comments on sound quality, maintainability etc.both as it relates to manufacturers as well as specific models. A price guide is inserted, which is available free as an annual update. At the back of the guide are 35 pages of detailed information on select jukeboxes, primarily those which are popular and collectible. As with the other guides, the author of this website provided the jukebox production figures.

    Jukebox Heaven
    Jukebox HeavenThis Hardcover full-size book (9" x 11.75"), was published 1991 in Belgium by Ger Rosendahl and Luc Wildschut and encompasses 187 pages. It is a difficult book to categorize, being a jukebox guide, history and "coffee table" book all at the same time. Unlike the other guides, it does not attempt to show pictures of ALL jukeboxes, restricting itself to primarily 1940's and 50's machines but not restricting itself to just USA manufacturers. The pictures it does provide are mostly color, and more specifications (i.e. size) are included than other books. In the back it includes a complete listing (to 1988) of all Jukeboxes produced for ALL Countries ... this listing is the most complete I have seen published. Overall, it is a really nice book, and I find myself referring to it often.

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    AMR Guides
    The only guides in publication that focus on a specific manufacturer are those published by AMR and authored by Frank Adams, Ph.D. As with the Manuals published by AMR (Now Owned by Victory Glass), all are full size (8.5" x 11"), spiral bound, printed on heavy gloss stock and with plastic laminated covers. All of these books follow the same basic format, a historical introduction, followed by chronological printing (Black and White) of original Jukebox sales brochures (or pictures if no brochures available). There is a very limited amount of original text included. But inter-dispersed are "period" articles and ads from publications such as "Cash Box" and "BillBoard" which give the sense of walking through history. Since reproduction of brochures are used, the information provided is close to the maximum that is known, (i.e. detailed specifications, complete listings of options and accessories e.g. speakers, wallboxes etc). These are the most complete books in print, but by no Rowe/AMImeans are complete as they are limited by the availability of brochures to the author. All are highly recommended as a "must have".
    Rowe/AMI Jukeboxes
    1927-1988 Published in 1988,
    191 Pages

    Rock-Ola Jukeboxes 1935-1988,
    Published in 1988, 178 PagesSeeburg

    Seeburg Jukeboxes 1927-1989, Wurlitzer
    Published in 1989, 149 Pages

    Wurlitzer Jukeboxes 1934-1974,
    Published in 1984, 222 Pages

    Wurlitzer IIWurlitzer GmB Jukeboxes, 1974-1984, Published in 1984, 162 Pages. Includes some color photos for GmB jukes along with the early 1940 Wurlitzer Models

    Obscure, Mysterious and Innovative American Jukeboxes, Other Jukes1900-1990, Published in 1992, 182 Pages. Covers Mills, Ristaucrat, Chicago Coin, Williams, United, Cameron, Evans, Aireon, Filben., Challenger, Sweet "16", , Exhibit, Dancing Jukes, Phonovision, Cameron, Penny Photo, RCA Victor, Link, Mel-O-Tone, Kalamazoo, Autophone, Multiphone, Regina, Century 2001, and many others.


    Dr. Know It All Reference Guides
    These reference books represent a 12 Year Collection of Harold Hagen’s (Dr Know it All) Tech Hints, Reader Questions & Answers as published in Alway Jukin. These Books are available on the Internet from Alway's Jukin's Website.

    Dr.Know it All Wurlitzer Reference: 29 Feature Articles, 175 Pages, Photos, Cross Reference Charts.

    Dr. Know it All Rock-Ola Reference:15 Feature Articles, 100 Pages, Photos, Ready Reference Charts.

    Dr. Know it All Seeburg Reference: Tech Hints, Reader Questions & Answers, 22 Feature Articles, 200 pages, Photos, Cross reference Charts.

    The Complete Identification Guide to the Wurlitzer Jukebox
    Wurlitzer Guide
    This 114 page softcover guide to Wurlitzer Jukeboxes was published in 1990 and authored by Rick Botts (of the Jukebox Collector). It contains a table listing of all major jukeboxes models from 1933-1990, year of shipment, number of selections, dimensions and weight, amp number and miscellaneous comments. Each major model is shown in a full-page black and white pictures. Model variations (such as different trims or number of selections) are not pictured

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    Jukebox "History" Books
    These books focus on the evolution of jukeboxes design, popularity and their manufacture and marketing rather than being "identification guides".

    Jukebox Saturday Night
    JB Saturday NightThis oversize book (9.5" x 13.25"), written by J. Krivine, was published in the UK probably in the early 1980's and is 166 pages. It has been available in both Hardcover and Softcover but now is out of print. It is even still listed by Amazon.Com, the Internet Book seller, though they do not promise they can find it. It generally still can be found for sale by Jukebox Publications, though the copies are fast running out. It is both the first and the best "history" book on Jukeboxes and is filled with pictures (B&W and Color) of not only jukeboxes, but people, location photos etc. It gives a good sense of the evolution of the Jukebox and the market dynamics that drove the process. If you can find a copy, it is a Must Have.

    Vintage Jukeboxes - The Hall of Fame
    Vintage JukeboxesA hardcover book (8.75" x 11.25") first published in the UK in 1988, authored by Christopher Pearce. It contains 127 pages of photos (color and B&W) and text and chronicles jukebox development from the 1930's until the early 1960's ... when the Jukebox "died" ... "perhaps the Jukebox died the day Wurlitzer covered the mechanism over". An interesting books with lots of great pictures, especially of Wurlitzer's post-WWII Johnny-One-Note Campaign.

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    "Coffee - Table" Books
    Three "Coffee-Table" books are listed here, for this categorization, the books primarily revolve around high-quality color photographs of Jukeboxes.

    Jukebox Art
    Jukebox ArtAnother book by Christopher Pearce. This oversized hardcover (9.375" x 12") has 128 pages of brilliant pictures of jukeboxes. The entire theme of the book revolves around jukeboxes (and their advertising) as an art form by a combination of text and photos. Rather than address jukeboxes from a straight historical perspective, the evolution of the designs are connected to the cultural evolution of the time period. A nice book to have.

    Jukebox - The Golden Age
    JB The Golden AgeThis compact (7.75" x 8.25") hardcover book, by Vincent Lynch, was published in 1981. It shows a series high quality color photographs of fully restored jukeboxes, speakers and wallboxes from 1937-1948. The book is 110 pages and is "heavy" on full-page pictures and light on text. If you want to see the best of the best, this is the book. This book is out of print.

    American Jukebox - The Classic Years
    American JukeboxAnother "coffee-table" hardcover book (9" x 10.25") by Vincent Lynch, published in 1990 and is 110 pages. It primarily contains color photographs of fully restored jukeboxes taken in a studio settings. It shares many photos that are contained in "Jukebox- The Golden Age". The publisher is currently out of stock, but it remains available via secondary outlets.

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    The Jukebox and Me
    Jukebox & Me
    This compact (5.5" x 8.5")softcover book was published in 1995 and authored by Robert Wesley Dean. It contains 336 pages of "Wes's" life operating and maintaining jukeboxes since 1942. It is both amusing and informative containing, at times, extremely technical information, presented in layman's terms and contains a host of stories of Wes' life as a Jukebox Operator. It may only be enjoyed by a true Jukebox enthusiast, when you are ready, buy and read this one! To quote Wes: "It has been a distinct pleasure for me to commit my idiocy to the written word ..."

    Homer E. Capehart - A Senator's Life
    Homer Capehart
    This is a 243 page biography of Senator Homer E. Capehart of Indiana. This hardcover book (6.5" x 9.5") was published in 1990. Homer is best known among Jukebox enthusiasts as the driving force behind the popularity of jukeboxes. He was the "P.T. Barnum" of the jukebox field and his creative selling and marketing skills made Wurlitzer Famous and himself a millionaire. During his life he was associated with Jukebox manufacturers of Holcomb and Hoke, Capehart, Wurlitzer and Packard.

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